There is a unique brand truth about VEGEMITE spread… despite the fact that it is a single product, its usage is highly individual. The 2008 “How Do You Like Your VEGEMITE?” campaign provoked debate around the different ways you can eat VEGEMITE spread, from the usual ‘Tiger Toaster’ (VEGEMITE spread and cheese) to the more unusual (e.g. ‘The Redback’ VEGEMITE spread and tomatoes) .

This campaign was launched through Television, radio, outdoor and digital in an effort to “paint the town red” with VEGEMITE spread imagery.

2008 also saw the production of the billionth jar of VEGEMITE spread, which was celebrated through a nation wide consumer promotion searching for a special jar through a winning promotional sticker hiding under the cap of one jar of VEGEMITE spread.

This campaign gained unprecedented PR and media attention as fans around the country searched for the special Billionth Jar of VEGEMITE spread in the “Billionth Jar” promotion.