Fine Silver Mini Jar Replicas

VEGEMITE have searched high and low to create special 100th birthday commemorative memorabilia for Aussies to treasure for years to come and we are now delighted to be releasing something truly special.

Introducing the Fine Silver Mini VEGEMITE Jar replica!

A stunning piece of craftsmanship and made in Australia from high-quality fine silver, the jar features an intricately detailed design that celebrates the iconic VEGEMITE jar and its historic label.

The Fine Silver Mini VEGEMITE Jar Replicas are limited-edition, with 500 available in each of the petite one and three-ounce sizes. Each silver mini jar is paired with a certificate of authenticity which specifies the silver’s weight, origin, and metal fineness, certifying that the product is a genuine, authorised piece of VEGEMITE memorabilia. 

To make this limited opportunity release even more special, there’s a twist. All customers who purchase one of the jars, will go into the draw to win an 18-karat Gold Plated Fine Silver Mini VEGEMITE Jar. Only ten Gold Plated Jars will be made!

You will need to get in quick though as these jars will only be available for pre-order until stocks last. 

T&Cs apply.

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