VEGEMITE is launched in a plastic tube, allowing Australians to take their VEGEMITE wherever they were headed


Kraft Foods releases the VEGEMITE Cook Book to showcase all the ways that VEGEMITE is more than a spread. With early advertising declaring it was perfect for soups, stews and sauces, the cook book includes contemporary recipes that highlight VEGEMITEs versatility as a food product. 


Yellow, tamper-evident lids replace traditional metal lids, which ensures VEGEMITE reaches consumers in the same way it was prepared in the factory – the same lids we see today. 

A VEGEMITE brand exhibition is staged at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, during the July school holidays. The exhibition features original jars and promotional material dating back to the birth of the VEGEMITE brand in 1922. Most jars collected from the early years of VEGEMITE came from the Australian public following a national search for historical VEGEMITE brand memorabilia.


VEGEMITE’s original black & white “Happy Little Vegemites” advertisement from the 1960s was reworked into a coloured TV commercial. It’s popularity saw it stay on screens until 1991. 


To mark the exact place where VEGEMITE spread was invented 60 years earlier, a plaque is unveiled at Kerferd Road in Port Melbourne. 


A colourised ‘Happy Little Vegemite’s’ commercial from the 1960s was aired with the tagline “still putting a rose in every cheek”: an accompanying wave of nostalgia ensured the advertisement continued in two different forms right through until 1991.


A new advertising campaign for radio and magazines launches, using the phrase, “Pass the VEGEMITE please, Mum.” It becomes a very popular turn of phrase. 

In 1976, The “Pass the VEGEMITE please, Mum,” advertising campaign is reworked into a colour television commercial. 


The sixties saw rapid expansion of supermarkets throughout Australia with both Coles and Woolworths. VEGEMITE was a standard and popular line in all these stores from their inception. 


The ‘Happy Little VEGEMITEs’ jingle is turned into an advertisement for television, at the same time broadcasting of the Olympic Games begins in Melbourne.