VEGEMITE announced one of its largest campaigns in recent times – a national public casting call, inviting Happy Little VEGEMITEs aged between 6 and 12 to star in the remake of its iconic Happy Little VEGEMITE ad. VEGEMITE received over 10,000 entries from Happy Little VEGEMITE’s all over the nation! VEGEMITE later revealed its “Happy Little Remake”, with Trish Cavanagh reprising her role from the original ad. 

VEGEMITE unveiled its 100th birthday jar and squeezy designs. With three to collect, the range featured labels inspired by VEGEMITE jars from its 100-year legacy. 

During its 100th birthday year, VEGEMITE continues to leverage its versatile flavour and iconic status to create new food combinations and products that extend beyond food! 


A momentous occasion for VEGEMITE – the “Bega” logo appears on the VEGEMITE jar for the first time – as VEGEMITE’s Cheesybite reveals a new name – VEGEMITE & Cheese. 

VEGEMITE writes to Her Majesty, requesting a 100th birthday letter for its centenary in October 2023. 

VEGEMITE collaborations grow from strength to strength as other brands recognise VEGEMITE’s versatility as a flavour and its iconic status: 


VEGEMITE teams up with their mates to give VEGEMITE fans plenty more ways to spread their love for VEGEMITE further than their morning toast!


VEGEMITE announced the arrival of VEGEMITE Squeezy, an invention to officially end the cross-contamination of spreads and discovering butter and crumbs in the VEGEMITE jar. With the same great taste, VEGEMITE launched in a squeezable upside-down bottle as a new convenient format for all to enjoy.  


VEGEMITE partnered with Australia Post and the Royal Australian Mint to launch The Great Aussie Coin Hunt which created an iconic reflection of Aussie life through an A-Z set of specially themed $1 coins. Featuring V for you guessed it, our iconic spread, VEGEMITE was proud to be part of Aussie nostalgia and pride through the collectable coins. 


VEGEMITE turns 95 years old, releasing a collection of limited-edition keepsake jars, designed by Aussie artists!

“Mighty” limited edition VEGEMITE jar by David Bromley.


VEGEMITE is proudly returned to Australian ownership for the first time in over 90 years after being bought by Bega Cheese Limited. To celebrate, VEGEMITE partnered with Four’N Twenty® to release the Four’N Twenty Beef, Cheese & VEGEMITE pie. 

VEGEMITE launches its “Start Happy with VEGEMITE” campaign – to remind Australians that VEGEMITE provides a great start to the day. The campaign revealed the joy that can be derived from simple breakfast rituals before kickstarting the day. 


In a fitting toast to VEGEMITE, Cook Street in Port Melbourne is renamed to ‘VEGEMITE Way’, with the home of VEGEMITE becoming ‘1 VEGEMITE Way’. 


VEGEMITE celebrates its 90th Birthday with a Facebook campaign to donate 90,000 jars to Foodbank. 

VEGEMITE encourages all Aussies to enjoy their VEGEMITE in new and inspiring ways such as with fresh avocado or poached egg on sourdough toast.


VEGEMITE teams up with Smiths to launch VEGEMITE flavoured chips. 


VEGEMITE’s long-time collaboration with Peter Alexander Sleepwear was first created in 2010 when the Pyjama King released an Australian inspired range, featuring the nation’s beloved VEGEMITE. 


After more than 85 years in the Australian market, the first true new VEGEMITE product is announced – VEGEMITE CHEESYBITE in July of 2009. 

VEGEMITE CHEESYBITE is launched in the same spirit as VEGEMITE back in the 1920’s, with a nationwide search for the perfect name.  

Initially launched as “VEGEMITE NAME ME”, consumers were encouraged to enter a naming contest for the new product, made from a mixture of cream cheese and VEGEMITE. 

At the AFL Grand Final in September, the new name had been chosen and was announced as “iSnack2.0”. However, the feedback from consumers was that this name didn’t properly reflect the brand, so the competition was reopened asking consumers to vote on one of 8 names to be the new name. 


VEGEMITE launches its biggest marketing campaign in a decade – How Do You Like Your Vegemite? AND, celebrates the manufacture of its One Billionth Jar. VEGEMITE’s one billionth jar was celebrated through a nationwide consumer promotion searching for a special jar through a winning promotional sticker hiding under the cap of one jar of VEGEMITE. This campaign gained unprecedented attention as fans around the country searched for the special Billionth Jar of VEGEMITE in the “Billionth Jar” promotion. 


The original Happy Little VEGEMITE kids from the iconic 1950s TV ad reunite for the first time after more than 30 years, after a national search located them. 


VEGEMITE celebrates its 80th birthday. As part of this, VEGEMITE launched the “Spread the Smile” campaign which saw adults going back to their childhood remembering how much they love their VEGEMITE. 


VEGEMITE is sold in a special collectible glass for a limited period, proving very popular with collectors of VEGEMITE brand memorabilia.