VEGEMITE Colouring Pages

To celebrate VEGEMITE’s 100th Birthday we’ve released some MITEY cute printable colouring pages that feature some of Australia’s most iconic animals.

Simply click the buttons below to download the printable colouring pages. Grab your pens, pencils, paints and smock, and get the whole family involved in this fun activity.

Share your colouring creations on social media and tag us! #vegemite @vegemite


Looking for some more fun activities the whole family will love? Have you tried cooking or baking with VEGEMITE?

Australia’s iconic spread is a great ingredient in either savoury or sweet recipes, from Spag Bol, Stir Fry, VEGEMITE Scrolls and or in Ice-Cream. A crowd favourite is our New York Inspired Vegemite Pizza. Not only is it simple to make with just four ingredients, it’s also MITEY delicious to eat! Click here for more Mitey delicious VEGEMTIE recipes.